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Current version:1.21
Last update: Jul, 15 2006
File size: 1634357 bytes

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To use RSS Edit Server Side Kits your RSS feed files should be generated by RSS Edit! Download RSS Edit now!

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Welcome to RSS Edit web-site!

RSS Edit

RSS Edit is easy-to-use RSS feed editor that allows you to create and maintain news feeds on your web-site. RSS Edit generates feeds using version 2.0 of RSS standard. You can edit feeds on your machine and upload new messages through FTP to your web sites. Number of feeds and messages is limited only by free space on your machine and server.

Unique features of RSS Edit

Unique: RSS Edit is more than just feed editor. It is a RSS management tool. Using RSS Edit Server Side Kits (available separately) you can easily publish your news both at RSS and Web pages.

Unique: Associate feed in RSS Edit with real XML file on your web site and publish your news by one click!

Unique: Easy-to-use build-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.

All features of RSS Edit...

Download RSS Edit

Download Now! - RSS Edit is little bit biiger than 1 Mb! No need to download 22Mb .NET package!

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