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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

What information we collect and how we use it

We can collect your IP address, browser type and version, operating system, and platform to gather statistic information about visitors of our web sites. Our sites do not use cookies.

To buy our software you should register with one of our online registrators providing them with your personal information including name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, and expiration date. You can find additional information about our registrators privacy policies at RegSoft. We keep the information pointed above except credit card number and payment details in our database to send registration codes to you.

Neither ArendiX, nor its partners do not disclose to any third parties information received when you are registering ArendiX developped products.

We don't share information you provide us with any third parties apart from mentioned above. As an exception to that policy ArendiX may disclose Personal Information only if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to protect and defend the rights or property of ArendiX, the sites or the users of ArendiX's software.

To change your information please contact ArendiX's Support Team if not specified otherwise.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can contact

Any changes to the ArendiX's privacy policy will be posted here. This policy is dated 10 June 2003.


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