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Current version:1.21
Last update: Jul, 15 2006
File size: 1634357 bytes

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To use RSS Edit Server Side Kits your RSS feed files should be generated by RSS Edit! Download RSS Edit now!

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Ordering RSS Edit

How to Order RSS Edit

RSS Edit single license: - US $ 29.95
Reseller:  RegSoft

You can choose from the credit card payment, fax order, order by postal mail, order by phone or purchase order.


What Will I Get?

What will I get after purchasing of RSS Edit?

  • Fully functional, unrestricted copy of the software
  • One year of free upgrades and discounts for upgrade after one year
  • Prior technical support

How Can I Get RSS Edit for FREE?

You can translate RSS Edit's interface messages, help file and other texts related to RSS Edit to your language and we will send to you fully functional license key. Also your name will be listed in About window. If you're interested in contact us

Important note #1. All prices mentioned above do not include your local taxes such as Euro VAT. These taxed will be charged additionally.
Important note #2. All prices mentioned above can be changed at any moment withount notice.


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