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Current version:1.21
Last update: Jul, 15 2006
File size: 1634357 bytes

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To use RSS Edit Server Side Kits your RSS feed files should be generated by RSS Edit! Download RSS Edit now!

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Have a question?

If you have any question about RSS Edit fell free to drop an e-mail to our Support Team:

To receive a proper answer from our Support Team, please, include in your e-mail the following information:

  • product name (RSS Edit),
  • version number (e.g., 0.1),
  • license key (if applicable),
  • description of the problem.

It will be great if you send us a screenshot with the bug you're trying to describe.

Please note, that currently we can answer ONLY English email messages. Also, we do not have phone/fax support at this time.

Support Guaranty

Technical support is free and unlimited by e-mail. However, we reserve the right to terminate support to users who in our judgment are unreasonable or abusive or who have system or other difficulties that transcend the scope of this software.


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