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RSS Edit Information

Current version:1.21
Last update: Jul, 15 2006
File size: 1634357 bytes

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To use RSS Edit Server Side Kits your RSS feed files should be generated by RSS Edit! Download RSS Edit now!

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RSS Edit Features

RSS Edit is ultimate RSS editor and RSS feed manager.

Core Features

Unique: RSS Edit is more than just feed editor. It is a RSS management tool. Using RSS Edit Server Side Kits (available separately) you can easily publish your news both at RSS and Web pages.

Unique: Associate feed in RSS Edit with real XML file on your web site and publish your news by one click!

Unique: Easy-to-use build-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Other features

Automatic date management: RSS Edit atomically maintains all your RSS feed dates.

Unlimited number of feeds

Intuitive user interface: RSS Edit has a simple yet powerful user interface that makes feed management easy for both beginners and advanced users.

RSS 2.0 support.

XML and HTML preview.

RSS Edit requires NO .NET or any other run-time libraries. So you have not to download and install 22Mb package.

System requirements

To run RSS Edit your computer must meet the following requirements:

  •  processor: Intel Pentium at least 200 MHz, AMD K5/K6 at least 200 MHz or higher;
  •  memory: at least 32 Mb;
  •  free space on hard disk: at least 2 Mb for RSS Captor itself and 15-20 Mb for future downloads;
  •  video: at least VGA;
  •  input devices: keyboard and mouse or other pointing device;
  •  sound devices: not required;
  •  operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 98, Microsoft® Windows® ME, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Microsoft® Windows® XP;
  •  other: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.5 or higher


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